ACE Hardware - Wimberley, TX

Location: Wimberley, Hill Country, Hays County
Industry: Retail, Hardware
Size: 36,000 SF

This unique project came to our team from a relationship we had established years ago when we built the ACE hardware store in Canyon Lake. After a fire destroyed the Wimberley hardware store, we were asked to rebuild it in exactly 1 year to meet insurance requirements.

We had architect Billy Windham (now retired) at the site of the existing store the morning after the fire to start designing a new building per owner’s request. The S. B. Thompson design-build team worked closely with Mr. Windham to complete the design and city approval process in just a few short months. Construction began, and we then built the new store within 7 months, so ACE was able to re-open it’s Wimberley location on February 14th, one year after the devastating fire wiped out the old one.

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