Paradise Valley View

Location: Wimberley, Texas, Hays County          
Goal: Customization, update
Unique Aspects
: European walk-in tub, 
: pool system tub

Having been friends of the family for many years, the owners of this home that sits high in the hills of Wimberley, Texas called on S. B. Thompson Construction when they had some very unique ideas, materials, and requests.

They knew they could trust Scott and our team of home builders, so first on the list was to update the guest house which had been built about 20 years earlier. The roof had previously been constructed in a way that allowed water to pool and leak into the home in several places. The owners of the home also requested to expand and break up the space to accommodate 2 bedrooms, an office, and a rooftop viewing area of Paradise Valley and the Blanco River.

These projects were completed by constructing a peaked roof that utilized the same style and design of the clay roof tiles of the main house. An outdoor spiral staircase provided access to a new rooftop patio, and the contractors paid special attention to making sure the interior concrete floor looked intentional despite the moved walls.

While these remodeling projects were fairly standard for our crew of seasoned contractors, there were a few unique projects in the main house that needed a bit more planning and ingenuity.

Custom lighting in the living room rotunda was a no-brainer compared to the European walk-in tub. We worked with the home owners, as well as plumbers, electricians, contractors, and custom tile experts to design, plan and build this beautiful room. Making the add-on look like it had always been there, antique doors and fixtures were installed in new, imaginative ways. This amazing tub also utilized pool equipment to ensure a constant flow and consistent water temperature.

While the S.B. Thompson team was working on these projects, we also worked on an incredibly unique renovation project in the kitchen. The home owners had acquired boards from an antique railroad car and wanted them to be used as the island top. This beautiful addition fits right in to their Spanish style eclectic home.

While S.B. Thompson construction does not usually do remodeling or renovation projects, the beautiful and unique aspects of this home and the additions and changes they brought to our drafting table were fun and exciting and we were happy to accept the challenges.

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