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The Best Residential Home Builders in San Marcos, TX

See why SB Thompson is recognized as one of the best home builders in town
Residential work

Building a custom home is no easy feat. Working with your contractor to make sure your dream design comes to life requires constant communication and a contractor that is willing and able to listen. If you are looking to build a custom home, you deserve residential home builders in San Marcos, TX that can work with you to make your dream design a reality.

At SB Thompson, we love building custom homes. We have been doing so since 1974 and have built up a pretty varied portfolio over the years. Whether your design is built for simplicity or luxury, our crew caan get the job done without a problem. As residential home builders in San Marcos, TX, no design is too complicated for us. We even have experience building handicap/disability accessible homes. We also have experience building for energy efficiency and have no problem installing solar panels and thermal heating. No matter what needs and lifestyle you have, SB Thompson has the experience needed to make your design a reality.

Our experience isn’t the only thing that sets us apart as the best residential home builders in San Marcos, TX. Our company values of ethics, safety, integrity, quality, service, and relationships drive us to perform outstanding work on all of our projects. As residential home builders in San Marcos, TX we will never cut corners and stay in communication with you to make sure your home comes out exactly as you envisioned. At SB Thompson, the client always comes first.

If you are looking for residential home builders in San Marcos, TX, don’t settle for someone who is inexperienced or doesn’t care about the needs of their clients. Give SB Thompson a call instead and see why we are recognized as one of the best. We look forward to making your dream home a reality!