Tri-Tech Engineering

Location: San Marcos, Hays County
Industry: Tri-Tech Engineering Engineering and Surveying
Size: 11,000 SF

Wanting an office building that was warm, inviting, and felt more like working from home than a stuffy office, the owner of Tri-Tech Engineering contacted our team to fulfill his dream. Since the Architect and Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing (MEP) partners, were already contracted, our team worked closely with the owner and these teams to execute and complete the project as closely to budget and design as possible.

In these cases, we begin with a close evaluation of project plans and communicate potential pitfalls, order errors, and project improvements with all involved parties to keep communication as open as possible for a successful construction project.

The client was fantastic to work with and came to the project with tremendous ideas that kept us on our toes and resulted in beautifully unique custom work spaces, and a gorgeous office building in the Texas Hill Country.

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